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2002 г.

Sunday Times (London), September 24, 2000
"The Blitzkrieg Billionaire" by Matthew Campbell

The Slovenian Daily, Delo, March, 2000
"You Win If You Prevent a Catastrophe" by Ervin Hladnik-Milharcic

The Moscow Times March 9, 2000
"Put Soros in Charge of IMF Reform" by Matt Bivens

New York Times December 6, 1998
"George Soros Has Seen The Enemy. It Looks Like Him" by Timothy O'Brien

New York Times October 20, 1997
"Soros to Donate Millions More to Help Russia" by Judith Miller

Time Magazine September 1, 1997 Vol. 150 No. 9
"Turning Dollars into Change"

Time Magazine September 1, 1997 Vol. 150 No. 9
"How Soros Makes Billions... ...And Gives Away Millions"

USA Today August 25, 1997
"Tycoon Puts His Money Where His Beliefs Are" by Martha T. Moore

New York Times July 12, 1997
"A Promoter of Democracy Angers the Authoritarians" by Judith Miller

New York Times December 17, 1996
"A Giver's Agenda: A special report; With Big Money and Brash Ideas, A Billionaire Redefines Charity" by Judith Miller

The Chronicle of Philanthropy September 5, 1996
"Soros Goes West" by Paul Demko

Time Magazine International Edition July 10, 1995 Vol. 146 No. 2
"The Billionaire Philanthropist"

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