Nizhny Novgorod Commercial Institute of HE (NCI) is a state-owned higher education (HE) establishment and it was granted its Charter in 1993, but its history dates from 1918.
The NCI provides all levels of vocational higher education in a vast range of subjects. Through full and part-time courses we satisfy the training and career development needs of people in many walks of life. The NCI has built its reputation by carefully considering the needs of developing market economy and students. This dynamic policy of achievement is reflected in our technical and training resources. The Institute has a strong regional bias and it is a leading HE establishment involved in personnel training for private industries and government organisations. The total number of both full-time and part-time students - 3000. The high standards and quality of training is vigorously maintained by our well qualified and dedicated teaching staff. Our 150 teachers build a solid working team focused on students' academic development with a strong vocational orientation to provide a solid stand in the local labour market in a wide range of career paths.

Recognition by Government Agencies
The NCI issues its graduates an HE Diploma in line with the Ministry of Education requirements and standards , which is an official and the only document of higher education in Russia.
This HE Diploma provides a valid evidence for employment both in government organisations and private businesses.

Teaching Methods
All the courses run at NCI are applied and related to 'real world' problems and they are set out to teach the skills that are required of practicing specialists and are essential to a successful career in business . The skills are developed by modern teaching techniques and methods with a wide application of technical facilities, which include an excellent library, information technologies and good opportunities for industrial placements. These skills include decision making, finding and analysing information, solving problems, written and oral communication, foreign languages, ability to work in teams.
This "real world" orientation is further fostered by the opportunity to pursue a period of integrated Professional Placement, spent outside the Institute, acquiring practical experience. Teaching on the courses is by lectures, tutorials, seminars and workshop sessions. The purpose is to use, rather than merely to study, the taught material. In tutorials, the students are encouraged to present their own ideas and to develop the verbal skills that will stand you in good stead for the future. Classes and workshops are essentially practical sessions in which the students will develop the ability to apply and use their knowledge and skills.

What is Available for a Student
Our students are provided with all required learning materials (books, hand-outs, guides, video, audio), they have a free access to a networked computing facility across the institute and in work rooms to complete their individual assignments and every day work. All computers are equipped with an extensive range of industry-standard software. Two reading halls designed for private study and reference library well supplied with Russian periodicals and some international editions in the studied areas. Sufficient copying facilities are available for reasonable fees. We have our own multigym and fitness facilities. Our sports teams in volleyball and basketball are the first class.
The residents outside Nizhny Novgorod are accommodated in the students' halls of residence.

Entrance Requirements
The RF residents are required to have a GE certificate and to pass entrance exams. We have no age restrictions but the main part of our full-time students are 17 - 21 year old. Part-time students are of senior age and have employment as a rule. For foreign applicants please refer to a special attachment.

"Нижегородский коммерческий институт"
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